Terms & Conditions

Purchasing Bullion

This can be done over the phone, through our website or via email. An invoice will be emailed to you as soon as your order has been approved. This invoice will show the outstanding balance,your shipping details and also our banking information.

Payment is to be cleared into our account the same day as the order is placed. If not the quoted price may no longer be valid and further charges may apply.

Under no circumstances will bullion be delivered before funds have cleared and made available.

Payment Options

  1. Internet Banking Transfer.
  2. Payment made into our account at any Bank of New Zealand branch.
  3. Cash payments are no longer accepted.
  4. Payment needs to be cleared into our account immediately with proof of the deposit provided.


With all our products:

  • All shipping and Insurance costs are included in the purchase price when you spend over $300.00.
  • We do deliver to a PO.BOX address but note that insurance is only valid until accepted by the PO.BOX facility. PO BOXES should not be used as a long term storage facility.
  • Insurance coverage is for the delivery process only. When the parcel is delivered and signed for the Insurance cover is completed. For this reason if a parcel has been already opened or looks tampered with please return to sender . The contents of every order has been checked and signed completed to insure the contents are correct and therefore we take no responsibility for items that are lost after the parcel has been signed for.
  • Once the shipping address is provided by the customer and confirmed by us Prime Bullion takes no responsibility for changes to the confirmed delivery details.
  • Shipping ¬†only applies to customers in New Zealand.


Prime Bullion Ltd is an Auckland,New Zealand based supplier of precious metals. All of the views shared on our website are our views and should not be taken as financial advice. The decision on how and for what reason to purchase items from our website is solely decided by you the purchaser.