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We are an Auckland based supplier of gold and silver bars and coins. We purchase gold and silver products from first and second tier bullion suppliers from around the world. All the products we market have been already paid for by us and are sitting in a secure vault ready to be sold on to you. We are constantly negotiating purchase, shipping, storage and insurance costs to stay competitive with all the other suppliers that are out there.

Our point of difference from other suppliers is that we actually hold all the bullion we advertise. We don’t believe that you should pay for something then take the risk that it will actually turn up. We read articles about people who have made investments and have lost everything because of bad choices made by a third party. We recommend that you take possession of your physical gold and silver immediately after payment to minimize any delivery problems that can and do occur. I wouldn’t have invested so much of my own time and money in stocking bullion if I didn’t believe there could be large gains to be made. You have to ask why other suppliers don’t stock what they market.

We are happy to answer any questions or listen to any suggestions you may have so feel free to contact us at any time.